Yuzo Iwata – Daylight Moon

yuzo itawa daylight moon lp siltbreeze records 2018Daylight Moon is largely an instrumental record by YUZO IWATA, focusing on textures and instrumental soundscapes. It’s more like a band trying to paint you a picture rather than tell you a story. Released by the Siltbreeze Records label based in Philadelphia, the record comes in just a short edition of 250 pieces and likely will not be around for long.

Daylight Moon is a record that comes with a handful of different moods and feelings portrayed, often translated by the buzz and grit of the guitar. That said it’s mostly up to how you’re going to interpret these sounds, but some are a bit more clear cut than others. The majority of the record is the work of Yuzo Iwata, save for the track “Border” which is additionally credited to Fleming, Heinzer and Sulat.

Take the nefarious “Daylight Moon #2” as it’s crammed with a screeching, metal-tinged fuzz. The looming doom here is palpable as the song grows into something significantly harsher than anything else heard on the LP. The track swallows you whole while tangling you up in its cocoon of daunting guitar fury. “Up On a Dragonfly” is a dazed and strung out Saturday afternoon spent on the couch after dropping the Friday night before. “Drone Beetle” flows with a different vibe, trading in sharp and twangy guitars for the fluttering textures floating within. They’re gritty but pristine, delivering an uplifting, head-in-the-clouds sort of jangle.

“Gigolo” glides between the warm breezes of spring and summer, with some groovy guitar soloing woven throughout the cool 7-minute swell. It’s purely instrumental, save for the infectious “la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaa” chanting. The record is closed out on the gorgeous “Goodnight, Daylight Moon.” The track is swarming with glinting guitars on a moonlit sea – a perfect summer night anthem – built around pretty soloing and some wavy tones. It’s a soothing and gentle way to close things out.

In the end, Daylight Moon is an offering that reveals more with each rewarding and cohesive listen. Take some extra time to listen to these highlights below, but really, the whole LP is meant to be heard from start to finish in one sitting. Find the time.

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Yuzo Iwata on Bandcamp – buy the LP here !


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