Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn 7″

Here’s the final 7″ in the string of PANDA BEAR singles that was released over the last ten months leading up to the release of “Tomboy”, which officially hits shelves on the 12th (hint hint). Anybody else with me that this all took way longer than we probably expected?

For those of us who were waiting, this week ends long months of curiosity and unanswered questions, because Tuesday is the official release of “Tomboy”. This new 7″ from the Kompakt label out of Germany features the song “Surfer’s Hymn” from “Tomboy”, along with a truly thought-provoking remix of the same track.

“Surfer’s Hymn” is a totally unsettling and genre-blurring jam, coming right off the coast of a tropical beach as the waves carelessly wash up ashore. Wind chime sound effects amongst plenty of other unidentifiable noises characterize this track, which is driven by a marching rhythm and Panda Bear’s signature howl. The B-side remix by Actress takes “unsettling” to a whole new level, easily making this track ready for the dance floor without any doubts. It’s heavy on the repetition and is about a primal as you could ever imagine, which is probably easy enough to guess considering it’s part of the name. It might be a bold statement, but I feel like the remix steals the show on this particular 7″ – referring to that Warpaint remix, it’s still entirely perplexing how these artists envision such remixes and then just run with them to create something entirely new. It’s highly intriguing and would be totally enlightening to know the thought-process that goes into a remix like this.

But while I’m sure not everybody will agree, we can at least settle on the fact that this will be an awesome week, for SO many reasons: the NHL playoffs begin, Panda Bear, cool stuff happening at college, and of course, as always, brand new music.

Surfer’s Hymn –

Surfer’s Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Remix) –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Pop, Remix, Dance
Surfer’s Hymn 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Surfer’s Hymn
2.) Surfers Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Remix)

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – it’s now or never !!
Panda Bear on Myspace

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