Purity Ring/ Braids – Split 7″

This brand new, split 7″ features two of the leading electronic-based bands from Canada on Fat Possum – BRAIDS who have already made quite a name for themselves this year and PURITY RING who aren’t too far behind them.

As far as their 7″ goes, it was released because both of the bands were embarking on a new US tour, expect they weren’t exactly touring together – just both on different tours at the same time. Fine by us, because we get a brand new Purity Ring song out of the deal, a duo we’re sure to be hearing from more and more as time moves on. Braids on the other hand is a band we’re not entirely acquainted with, however 2011 was a big year for them with the release of their debut album “Native Speaker” which received praise from all angles and led them to places like SXSW.

“Peach Wedding” is Braids contribution to the single, which looks like they’re only song released since “Native Speaker” dropped earlier this year. It’s plagued by a constantly strobing texture that dominates for all six minutes of this undeniably gorgeous song, almost culminating into a flashback-type memory where bits and pieces are missing in-between what is remembered, resulting in a broken storyline of sorts. It’s so simple to get wrapped up in these sounds and totally lose all focus as the band presses on. You can blame this on the beautiful vocal efforts of Raphaelle Standell-Preston, an unsettling song structure and the notion that your living in a world where everything endlessly glistens like an emerald in the sun.

Approaching the final minute, the song begins to deflate and float away into the mystic cosmos, but it’s certainly not lost forever thanks to this excellent split single. This brings “Belispeak” to the table, the Purity Ring side of the 7″ that once again wields the power to bring you to another state of mind. This is only the third official song from this Canadian duo, however we’ve already sworn by Purity Ring at this point. There is something happening in their songs that nobody else seems to be achieving at the moment (which might stem from their aspirations to be “future pop”). There’s an equal vibe of both sexy and spectral qualities in Meghan James captivating vocals as they carefully slide along the glossy landscape that this excellently produced song supplies.

Electrified beams of icy synth rays sit beneath shape-shifting pools of murky, gravitating ambiance, swallowing anything that dares tread over it’s black hole of perplexity. This black hole includes broken-down, malfunctioning electronics, skittering percussion that refuses to sit still and like we said before, Meghan James untouchable vocals. We’d recommend grabbing this 7″ now while you still can – one reason because it’s on gorgeous orange and blue swirl vinyl – the other because it’s GOING to sell out and will certainly be a hot commodity, much like the debut Purity Ring 7″ that sold like hot cakes.

Purity Ring – Belispeak –

Braids – Peach Wedding –

My Rating: 9.6/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dream Pop, Ethereal, Trance, Pop
Fat Possum Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Purity Ring – Belispeak
2.) Braids – Peach Wedding

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – orange/ blue vinyl, it’s bound to sell out !
BUY Braids “Native Speaker” directly from Insound
Purity Ring on Tumblr
Braids on Facebook

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