Purity Ring – Ungirthed 7″

Well at this point you could say we’re a little late to the game, but we want to join the party too. Transparent just released the debut 7″ of PURITY RING (Corin Roddick of Gobble Gobble, Megan James) to much excited praise from all angles.

This is the debut 7″ of Purity Ring, however, it’s also the debut release from Purity Ring. That being said, there’s not much else out there to base our thoughts off of (other than a boatload of remixes). “Ungirthed” is a malfunctioning synth-pop number with an array of confusing voices and shape shifting sounds and textures and buzzy basses. Megan James holds down the vocal efforts over the whole single, coming off equally ghostly and spiritual while ultimately adding a calming element to the unsettling glory. Her voice sounds pure and spectral, which is a perfect fit to the crystal clear and gorgeous production that makes up this single. While “Ungirthed” sounds like a glitchy glitter-jam, the B-side wields an even more lethal and captivating trance-like anthem.

Once “Loficries” was unleashed, people were already calling it their highlight of 2011 (see the internet). We’re not gonna take it that far just yet, because there’s still more than half a year to experience, but we can at least understand where these people are coming from. “Lofticries” supplies an utterly hypnotic trance and you’ll have to force yourself to ignore it’s alluring grasp. But no matter how hard you try, the colorful and acetic synth washes are always there to rope you back in if your mind starts to wander in the opposite direction. The glowing ambiance will bring you to an impenetrable gospel-like sanctuary in your mind, and once you’re there, you’re never gonna want to leave it. If you haven’t seen the inexplicably surreal and complementary video below, give up a few minutes of your day, because it’s an entertaining watch.

Ungirthed –

Lofticries –

My Rating: 8.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Pop, Trance
Ungirthed 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Ungirthed
2.) Lofticries

DOWNLOAD “Ungirthed” right here
DOWNLOAD “Lofticries” right here
Not sure where to get this one anymore – FRESH OUT, try Discogs or eBay
Purity Ring on Tumblr

6 thoughts on “Purity Ring – Ungirthed 7″

  1. Man do they do a great job of making these two tracks similar while setting them apart in such a defining way. I have to admit it is practically impossible to ignore that alluring grasp that you speak of in “Lofticries.” After watching the video, the images will probably never recede from my brain, and even while listneing to “Ungirthed” I find myself picturing the dismal and determined look in the woman’s eyes (or eye, rather) as she walks down the street in her 60s outfit. There is something so captiviating about the songs, and then when they made that video it was like game over for anyone who comes to love the song, because it just grips you so hard. In other words, I’m not-so-patiently looking forward to more releases!

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