Bicycle Day – Man With No Name 7″

bicycle day man with no name split 7 digital regress records 2015

After delivering a cassette on Lollipop Records in 2014 that was criminally overlooked, BICYCLE DAY return early in 2015 with a 7″ split with UNITY.

It’s not quite available yet, but in the future these tracks will be pressed to wax – they’re splitting the 7″ with Unity (Jeffrey Cheung from Meat Market), who are based in Oakland, CA – we’ll provide more details when those tracks become available. As for Bicycle Day, they’ve supplied two new tracks for the 7″, both offering a different angle from their cassette from 2014. Compared to that tape, these new tracks sound slightly cleaner with less of that dull, grungy sludge clogging the pipes – they’re noticeably brighter this time without much of the punk thing going on.

“Man With No Name” confirms that instantly with a glinting guitar intro, like you’re staring right into the haze of the sun and squinting deliriously. There’s a bit of a surf twang woven in as the bruising rhythm takes ahold. There’s a darker, shamanistic quality stemming from the muffled vocal chants, sounding both primitive and mystifying all at once. They maintain the same staggering pace in B-side “Montana.” They’re lazier and strung-out, but it’s all held in place thanks to the steady shuffling of the tom-tom. Guitar licks rattle out and refract in the light of the sun until they speed up the pace in the final 30 seconds with a snarling lead guitar.

Give each track a whirl right below – keep your eyes on that page if you’re looking to buy the wax in the near future.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
Man With No Name Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Man With No Name
2.) Montana

GET the digital 7″ on Bandcamp (check back later for the 7″)
Bicycle Day on Facebook

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