Magic Shoppe – Triangulum Australe EP

magic shoppe triangulum australe ep 2013

MAGIC SHOPPE of Boston, MA is the brainchild of Josiah Webb. The Triangulum Australe EP is the bands latest effort via Optical Sounds, serving up a clean and brooding psych rock swirl.

Magic Shoppe suggests influences of bands like Spacemen 3 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and upon listening to their EP it seems they weren’t messing around. Many times influences like that usually come along with bigger expectations, and the cool part is that this EP totally delivers on those promises. Webb and the gang offer up four tracks of this clean and tidy psych rock, supplying each track with a rich and detailed layer of texture that is as warming as it is threatening. Take the opener “Trip Inside This House” with its overpowering psychedelic atmosphere – it’s heavy and swallows the song in one sweeping bite, but at the same time it offers an unsettling quality that drives the song into menacing oblivion. Webb weaves catchy vocal hooks through the mystifying haze, which eventually becomes the pattern of the EP.

“Shangri-La in Reverse” is another snapshot of this troubling psych sound, driven by a sweltering haze and a creepy, slithering beat that drags underneath. Webb’s fuzzed-out vocals are masked by a thick veil of quivering reverb, which already has to cut through that smokey guitar haze to make it to your ears. This track just goes to show the heavily characteristic nature this music has with its broad range of effects, which always makes for an immersing listening session. With the EP coming in at four tracks and about fourteen minutes, just be ready to surrender every second of that fourteen minutes – this is some hypnotizing psych rock.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Alternative
Triangulum Australe EP: Tracklist:
1.) Trip Inside This House
2.) Midnight in the Garden of Evil
3.) White Blood Cells
4.) Shangri-La in Reverse

BUY the digital EP on Bandcamp – only $4 !
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