The Prefab Messiahs – Franz Kafka 7″

Believe it or not, this PREFAB MESSIAHS 7″ contains songs that were originally penned back in 1982. They have been uncovered from their original Wormtown Recordings home and somehow magically fit right into what we’re usually focusing on around here.

The Prefabs weren’t exactly a household name back when they were originally active in the 80’s, but they still have more material out there than you might be familiar with. For instance, their 1998 album called “Devolver” contains 27 different tracks and lasts for an entire 73 minutes. Within that chunk of tracks is the origin of these two psych-burners, but the only thing that isn’t clear is whether or not they’re completely different versions or the exact same track. While we don’t know that now, we can at least tell you these dudes were on to something special nearly 30 years ago from their hometown in Worcester, MA. UPDATE: They are indeed the same tracks from “Devolver”, only remastered for vinyl purposes!

“Franz Kafka” is a absolutely dazzling psych-punk ass kicker and the best part is it’s going to catch you completely off guard. Once it’s over with you still won’t know what the hell hit you as it comes together with breakneck speeds, blazing guitar solos and frenetic vocals, all with a raging energy you can feel the heat radiating off of. “Prefab Sun” on the other side gets it’s toes wet in the pop pool a little more than the last, with metallic guitar chords and a sun-shining solo about halfway through to bring it all home. Now give them both a spin right below and see how you feel.

Franz Kafka –

Prefab Sun –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Lo-Fi
Franz Kafka 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Franz Kafka
2.) Prefab Sun

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