Cold Showers – Decay 7″

It’s taken some time, but COLD SHOWERS of Los Angeles make a forceful comeback with their second offering – a brooding new 7″ from the Art Fag Recordings label in San Diego.

There’s a good reason we’ve been so anxious for this band and this new 7″ is a refreshing reminder of why. Their Highlands 7″ was easily one of our favorites in 2011 which made waiting for this one all the sweeter. By now it’s time for Cold Showers to start preparing us for their debut album on Dais Records and this 7″ gets us one step closer.

“So I Can Grow” is a twisted affair to say the least, beginning with tight, throbbing bass lines and a rock steady drum beat to keep you nodding attentively. Mysteriously sharp and jangly guitars lead the way with a commanding, sharp-edged hook, cutting through a thick, smokey layer of nearly impenetrable haze. It all makes for a highly intoxicating formula, exposing a noisy swirl with a mesmerizing wave of dense, glowing guitars. The track punches along with this possessive and compelling energy, led by Jonathan Weinberg’s dark and gloomy vocals. Flip over to the B-side for a cover of The Cars “Double Life,” a track that truly helps us characterize their sound while also showing what else these guys might be capable of. Weinberg’s deep, brooding howl just might be the highlight of the song, revealing cold, reverberating guitars and triumphant wave of warming ambiance to wrap it all up. Needless to say, you don’t want to miss this stuff. Katy Goodman of Vivan Girls and La Sera makes an appearance on the B-side, so get on that.

Hear both tracks of this stunning 7″ below, ripped directly from the record itself. Considering the fact that Mexican Summer had to end up repressing their debut 7″ Highlands, it might not be a bad idea to snag Decay while you still can. If you’re looking for more of this stuff, Stereogum premiered another track from the album recently – hear it now. And if you’re in Philadelphia, be sure to catch Cold Showers this week on October 1st at Kung Fu Necktie. See you there???

So I Can Grow –

Double Life –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Ethereal, Dream Pop
Decay 7″: Tracklist:
1.) So I Can Grow
2.) Double Life

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