White Denim – Takes Place in Your Work Space EP

Downtown Music releases a brand new 4-song EP from Texas spaz-rockers WHITE DENIM. It’s their first record since the release of “D”, their most recent album from earlier this year.

While we know White Denim are capable of things that go above and beyond, now we get to see a different side of them thanks to this EP. It's not like you couldn't guess that it's White Denim, but they change up their approach and leave behind the spastic formula that usually dictates their sound. This time around, their songs are in a calmer and more collected state of mind.

Lush and warmly layered tracks grow and grow into arena-sized jam outs where drums are crashing under the weight of guitars glowing with an ambient jangle. This is all excellently put on display in "No Real Reason", a song that is more or less on it's own in the entire White Denim discography. All that being said, this is pretty much all justification that White Denim can make anything happen if they have a desire for it. They could very well be the most dynamic and capable band that is active right now.

Like we said once already, it's no secret that this is White Denim. The frantic guitar playing style in the song "Handwriting" is indisputable proof of that. This twangy track has a country-esque vibe that sits at it's core, but you have to work a bit to uncover it. The outward sliding guitars in the outro work to help you believe that, which at that point it almost sounds like a brand new song. So in the end, between the sly guitar work of a track like "Company" and the high voltage, dagger-like soloing in "Cat City", White Denim manage to stick to their usual tenancies while still creating a record that, for once, doesn't blow our brain halfway across a football field thanks to their explosive energy.

No Real Reason –

Handwriting –

Company –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Alternative, Experimental
Takes Place in Your Work Space EP: Tracklist:
1.) Cat City
2.) No Real Reason
3.) Handwriting
4.) Company

BUY the EP directly from Insound – white vinyl, limited edition !
White Denim – Official Website

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