Piss Factory / Hearts and Rockets – Split 7″

piss factory hearts and rockets split 7 psychic powers 377 psychic hysteria records 2018It’s so good that SD is back, isn’t it? Ah we have missed it…To open up my bank account, I will kick off with the first split release from Australian label Psychic Hysteria. The 7″ features two short, sharp blasts of punk madness from beautifully damaged trio PISS FACTORY (named after the seminal Patti Smith song I assume) and bratwave duo HEARTS & ROCKETS (FKA Heat Wave; changed after one of those ugly cease and desist letters clattered through their letterbox recently. Why can’t we all get along? Ah well…)

The bands have been best buds ever since the former headlined the latter’s first foray into venue terrain, having been a bedroom, backyard and house show project before then. And while the approaches to noise is tangential – Piss Factory take a more full frontal aural assault, whereas Heat Wave are interested in 80s New Wave post-punk synth-led gloss to go with their sonic frisson – the outcome is similar in that it takes your breath away.

“377” is 80 seconds of urgent bargain-basement scuzz chiseled out from the grout of your average inner suburb sharehouse (in fact both tracks were recorded “in-house” hence the DIY acid-wash graininess of Piss Factory’s recording here). It is definitely the kind of song kids can grind out in between cups of ramen, Sriracha fights and a shared teabag to save coin to buy a carton on the weekend. Simple and devastatingly effective.

“Psychic Powers” is cleaner and more dour, but almost more innocent in its plaintive synth and staccato drum machine. The bass lines lend the requisite grit, while Jacindy’s howled refrain of “psychic powers” crawls all over Kurt’s repetition of the phrase, lending desperation to their confidence. There is a discrepancy in the duo’s music – light and shadow, fury and fun – that lends credence to their new moniker, and highlights why you should hunt down their Dead Beats tape from last year (seriously, can’t we have more than one Heat Wave?). Grab this hot little split now – just follow the link below.

BUY the split 7″ right now

Hearts and Rockets on Facebook

Piss Factory on Facebook

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