Nothing – Last Day in Bouville

Forming right within the city limits of Philadelphia comes NOTHING. They’re a self-described “shoegaze” band with their first recorded single now under their belt. These guys opened up for Creepoid the other night, and it was a surprising and refreshing performance.

Strangely enough and completely by accident, I managed to catch two of the three songs from the single the other night at the show. You can watch both “Phantom” and “B&E” right on YouTube. They played a handful of other songs from the night, and there’s actually another video of “B&E” which you can view right here. But that’s not all we have to tell you.

Taking place in the early days of February, Nothing will play another show in Philadelphia at the wonderful Johnny Brenda’s bar. You can follow that link to the Facebook event page in the last sentence for more details. At the moment they’re slated to play with VIOLENS from New York, and it looks as if they’re still looking to add one more band to the line up. If we have even the slightest influence on what you’ll be doing come the evening of February 3rd, then hopefully we’ll see you at the show.

If you make a point to show up, you’ll witness the crushing guitars and smokey ambiance that comes along with their heavy but delicate progressive sound. Crystalline guitars complement the rhythm section with throbbing bass lines and pounding drums that will most likely leave you in a dreamy daze when listening. Experiencing the sound live is a whole different story, but when listening to the songs right from the comfort of your computer, you lose a bit of the intensity. But that’s bound to happen with just about every band. Check out these songs below, and don’t forget to come out on February 3rd for some fun.


Last Day in Bouville –

Phantom –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Shoegaze, Space Rock, Psychedelic, Ambient
Last Day in Bouville: Tracklist:
1.) Last Day in Bouville
2.) B&E
3.) Phantom

NOTHING on Bandcamp
NOTHING on Tumblr
Listen to the rest of their songs from the single right here
Look for their link on Tumblr to buy their new t-shirt

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