Moon Women – Live at WXPN

Last we heard from Philly’s own MOON WOMEN was back for their debut release, the “Listen Closely” cassette tape. Now they’re back with this digital EP, featuring three songs recorded live at Philly’s WXPN studios.

The three songs are all brand new originals, none of which appear on that first cassette tape we already mentioned. Each song features an invigorating atmosphere that’s lands somewhere between your wildest dreams and deep, deep space, although that’s really up for you to decide. Underneath that lies the basis of their music, which falls right in with garage rock and electrified post-punk. Opener “An Apostrophe” lays all of this out on the table, starting off with those lazer beam guitars that sting like needles. The raspy/ whispered vocals sound frightened and frantic, almost devilish and demonic if you will, like there’s definitely something dire that concerns your undivided attention.

“Never Make it Stop” opens with swirling guitars that are hovering just above your head, almost like you could reach out and poke them. Throbbing bass lines dwell underneath to guide the song, which is when you can hear the punky elements of their sound coming through. The last forty seconds features a brief rock out before the song is all said and done, coming complete with blazing guitar leads and more punchy bass lines. Final track “Seventeen” kicks off on a quick ten seconds of scuzzy grunge fuzz, which is gone just as quick as it’s introduced. This unveils concentrated and addictive guitar licks, and also nostalgic lyrics about the best years of adolescence. Gurgling beneath are more scuzzy bass lines, which eventually paves way for a spaced-out and glistening atmosphere.

After a ferocious ending, there’s only one thing on our minds, and that’s knowing what these ambitious Philly punks would be up to next. They continued on perfectly from the songs on their debut cassette, maintaining the same energy and sticking to the elements they’ve gotten to be familiar with. Right now the only clear thing is that Moon Women will take the stage with Black Lips and Vivian Girls on April 9th in Philadelphia, at the wonderful Trocadero Theater. Other than this, we’re not sure what Moon Women have planned next, but no matter what you should definitely be alert.

An Apostrophe –

Never Make it Stop –

Seventeen –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Post-Punk, Ambient
Live @ WXPN: Tracklist:
1.) An Apostrophe
2.) Never Make it Stop
3.) Seventeen

DOWNLOAD the set completely for free from the Moon Women Bandcamp
Moon Women – Official Website

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