Giorgio Murderer – Lazer Lord 7″ EP

giorgio murderer lazer lord 7 ep goner records 2015

GIORGIO MURDERER is the alter ego of Buck Biloxi, who trades in shoddy guitars for shoddy guitars… with synthesizers. Lazer Lord is his second 7″ on Goner Records and his third 7″ overall since 2013.

Now that Giorgio Murderer has three singles and couple of cassettes to his name, you’re probably thinking there has to be something bigger coming down the pipeline – or as GM would say, the Ethernet cord. While we have absolutely nothing to report on what Mr. Murderer is currently up to, the least we can do is enlighten you on his brand new 7″. It was released by Goner as a Record Store Day 2015 item, coming in a short run of 600 pieces (200 clear, 400 black) in a white paper sleeve complete with an insert containing song lyrics and a disclaimer that reads “Giorgio Murderer is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” See the picture below for the remainder of the insert.

None of these songs reach the 2-minute mark, but they’re loaded with sharp-edged guitars that just keep chugging and chugging without a second thought. Broken-down strings of sticky synths come and go, complemented by scaly guitars while the percussion crashes along violently. Giorgio confirms again and again that he’s the lazer lord, singing about the luxuries of not having to use shoes with holes in them and fighting with nothing but his “fucking brain”. The minute-and-a-half track has it’s own outro – a voiceless but noisy sci-fi synth-punk anthem driven by wobbly keyboards while guitars twist and throb with their destructive angles. Flipping over to the B-side reveals “Computer Simulation,” clocking in at exactly one minute and 17 seconds. GM reminds us that we’re all simply living in a computer simulation and if you stare hard enough, you will catch a glimpse. There’s a perpetual buzz sustained throughout this entire single and you can feel it coursing through your body like a quick, 5-minute bolt of electricity – now get your fill by listening to “Lazer Lord” right below.

giorgio murderer insert goner records 2015

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Synth, Electronic, Lo-Fi
Lazer Lord 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Lazer Lord
2.) Lazer Outro
3.) Computer Simulation

BUY the 7″ on – Goner Records is all sold out
Giorgio Murderer on Facebook

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