G. Green – Our Boss 7″

g green our boss 7 ep 2013 a wicked company

When East Coast meets West Coast it’s a beautiful, weird and peculiar thing. The collision of NYC based record label A Wicked Company and Sacramento’s own G.GREEN have spawned their newest 7″ EP titled Our Boss.

With vocals still wailing and dragging off the beaten path in all sorts of directions (just like G. Green has done in the past) this EP is a mixture of creepy, eerie, and playful. After listening a good amount of times, I keep coming back to one recurring image in my brain: a twisted carnival that turns into a horror movie but somehow ends on a pleasantly eerie note.

Imagine that. The first couple of tracks have these deep, slowly pulsating drums, chiming guitar notes and howling vocals. Sometimes a little synth keyboard action creeps in behind the scene to get the blood flowing. Seriously, the first two tracks = creepy carnival. “Society of Shit” (awesome title, by the way) opens with a fast bass line before driving toward an upbeat whirlwind of punk rock destruction. This is probably the point at this gnarly carnival that you realize you’ve got to either run for your life and get the hell out or just embrace the weirdness. Closing track “I Feel Like a Girl” is the triumphant ending anthem of this twisted EP. It’s an anthem reassuring you that G. Green is doing what they will, don’t give a flyin’ fuck about it, and if you don’t like it, tough funnel cakes! A Wicked Company made the love connection with G. Green at a show in Brooklyn last year. Only 300 copies of Our Boss were pressed and to quote directly from A Wicked Company’s Bandcamp page, “When they are gone, they are so gone.” Go get one now!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Noise Rock
Our Boss 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Our Boss
2.) I Feel Like a Girl
3.) Soap
4.) Society of Shit

BUY the 7″ from A Wicked Company – limited to 300 !
G.Green on Facebook

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