Titus Andronicus w/ the Babies Live in Philadelphia (4/15/10)

Who?: Titus Andronicus w/ the Babies
Where?: The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
When?:April 15th, 2010

“I’m so glad I stage dived.  I think I’m officially too old for that now,”

said Joe Gallagher, friend and operator of the wonderful “Pizza Prospects” blog. He too, just like everyone in attendance last night, had been waiting a long, long time for Titus Andronicus to come to town. They didn’t just “come to town” either. They showed up and put on a grand display of what music should sound like, leaving anyone who had never seen Titus Andronicus before breathless and dying for more. To anyone who saw Titus Andronicus for the first time last night, I wish I could have been in your shoes.

First up were Brooklyn, NY band “The Babies”, who almost didn’t see any set time at all. They were a bit late to the show, so they almost completely missed their time slot. Sure enough, they showed up with enough time to play, and sure enough, I was there to capture part of the action.

The Babies – All Things Come to Pass – They rushed right into the Barbary and wasted no time setting up before playing. This was the song they started off with, and if anybody knows the name of it, please send me a message! Or leave a comment! Or something! Thanks again Sandy!

The Babies – Caroline – This was their last song of the set, and I am very glad I captured this one. We get a front row seat to watch all of Kevin Morbys guitar playing, which is quite stunning. This song is like one long build up before they break it all down within the last minute. Definitely a fun song and a fun band. They played an awesome set and did a fantastic job warming up the crowd for the main event, even with being pretty late for the show. Once again, if anybody knows the names to these two Babies songs, please enlighten me. Next up were Titus Andronicus, and this time around we have a completely different line-up of songs as compared to the last show we covered.

Titus Andronicus – Joset of Nazareth’s Blues – This was their second song of the night, and also the first song they played from their sprawling first full length album “The Airing of Grievances”. It makes me happy that they don’t forget to play these songs from this album. I really hope they never do.

Titus Andronicus – Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ – “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” are the first words that you can make out in this video, thanks to another good friend who also goes by the name Joe (last name excluded). Again we get to hear another song from “Grievances”, and this one is more or less of a live staple for a Titus Andronicus show if you’re asking me. What really makes it an essential live song is the rapturous and anthemic ending that’s always sure to dismantle any crowd. Pay close attention as Pat Stickles moves towards the crowd as he shreds away on his guitar in the midst of everything. Thank you for this one.

Titus Andronicus w/ Cassie Ramone cover Weezer’s “Undone – The Sweater Song” – Now here is what may have been the highlight of the night, because absolutely nobody saw this coming. And who doesn’t love the Sweater Song? I’m sure many of you don’t, but either way this was quite a surprise. They played the entire song, and they even covered the chit-chat found at the beginning (and throughout) of the original Sweater Song. How awesome is that? Not only do they have the chatter down, but Pat Stickles plays through the guitar solos without breaking a sweat (but not literally). This one was quite a treat.

Titus Andronicus – Four Score and Seven – “This is neat. We sold all the tickets today, how wonderful!” Something they had never done in Philadelphia before last night. You’re very welcome Titus Andronicus. This was their last song of the night, and what better way to close it than with their single “Four Score and Seven” from “The Monitor”? I said earlier in the post that no songs overlap from the Fords, NJ show, but now you can call me a liar.

Titus Andronicus – This is in-between two of the songs at some point in their set. I uploaded this for no specific reason; I guess it’s kind of funny. While bassist Ian Graetzer was experiencing some technical difficulties during the set, Pat Stickles kept the crowd going simply by making everyone laugh. He plays the Charlie Brown theme pretty well too! Once again, thanks for viewing, and be sure to check back for more very, very soon. Please keep in mind that tomorrow is the 3rd annual Record Store Day, so make sure you get up and go support your local music store. Thanks again.

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23 thoughts on “Titus Andronicus w/ the Babies Live in Philadelphia (4/15/10)

  1. First, Mike Hunt, let me congratulate you on your really clever and mature handle. You are leaving me in stitches already.

    I’m glad you now know what music shouldn’t “song like.” Please enlighten me because I do not know what this means.

    In case it was a typo, I guess I just have to come to the conclusion that you have no idea of what makes rock ‘n’ roll the most trustworthy of all forms of art. That Titus Andronicus don’t need to hide behind good sound to get their feelings and ideas across. That, for someone really concerned with the music, “good sound” is the last thing that comes to mind. Yes, Titus Andronicus have a GOOD SOUND in that I enjoy the music they write. But last night, while some could argue they were often out of tune and they, aesthetically, “sounded bad,” but that’s missing the point. Titus Andronicus aren’t primadonnas that want to waste their audience’s time making sure their guitars in tune between every song. Patrick Stickles knows that what counts isn’t whether or not his voice cracks, but if it’s translating emotions. Their goal isn’t to replicate their record, track for track, in some Fishtown divebar for YOU Mike Hunt of misguided notions about rock ‘n’ roll. Their goal is to provide a cathartic experience for everyone in attendance… maybe if you came in with your head on straight you would’ve got that.

  2. The name of the song in the first Babies video is “All Things Come to Pass” and the second one is “Caroline.”

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