Voyageurs – Nude Vegas

Coming out just before the new year was VOYAGEURS second official set of songs “Nude Vegas”. The band had added a new keyboard player to their lineup, and hence they decided to record their songs once more with their new keyboardist. Everything you hear was recorded in a live setting somewhere in the town of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Right now on their Bandcamp page, Voyageurs have two full recordings up for FREE download – that’s right, all free (and now there’s a third called “Alien Iverson”). Both sets were recorded completely in a live setting, with the first batch of songs being released back in September. The only difference between then and now was that they were missing their new keyboard player. With this addition, the band adds yet another dynamic to their already berserk sound, but even before that change we already think this stuff would be right up your alley.

Starting from the very beginning of some of these tracks, you should already be able to figure out what’s in store. A song like “Demon Wings” is a great example, because about fifteen seconds in you’re already face-to-face with some absolutely face melting guitar licks. With that being said, you probably shouldn’t take these recordings too lightly, because they’ll knock you on your ass before you had a chance to make a second opinion. When it comes to the heavy psychedelics, Voyageurs definitely DO NOT mess around, and they make that instantly clear. Shouty, yelping lyrics only help complement the musical madness you’re hearing – the only problem is you can’t really understand what’s being said. In the end, it sounds like the music is constantly on the edge of utter destruction…even though it kind of already is absolute destruction.

Take note of a song like “Island Universe”, which showcases their new keyboard player quite nicely – not to mention pulsating bass lines, immense visual capabilities, and a palpable sonic atmosphere that’s so close you can reach out and touch it and feel the raw energy. The sweeping synth washes included are undeniably the main element of the music that give you the feeling that you’re drifting through the cosmos somewhere up in the never-ending depths of space. Now we just hope you feel the same way. Check out these few numbers from the whole set below, and don’t forget to head over to the Voyageurs Bandcamp for some free download action. Their new set “Alien Iverson” is also free!

Island Universe –

Wet Dreams –

Komfort –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage, Space Rock, Experimental
Nude Vegas: Tracklist:
1.) Monsters Coming Home
2.) Demon Wings
3.) Club Addict
4.) Island Universe
5.) Wet Dreams
6.) Wild Sisters
7.) Komfort

Voyageurs on Bandcamp – their music is FREE
Follow Voyageurs on Twitter
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