Creepoid w/ Nothing, Party Photographers & Pet Milk Live in Philadelphia (1/13/11)

Who?: Creepoid w/ Nothing, Party Photographers, Pet Milk
Where?: Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
When?: Thursday, January 14th, 2011

Last night was quite the night for the Philadelphia music scene. CREEPOID headlined a show at Kung Fu Necktie, which just so happened to be the record release show for their debut album “Horse Heaven”. Also in attendance were Philly locals Nothing, Party Photographers, and Pet Milk. All in all it was a great night, although some bands noticeably played a bit more sloppy than the other. Pet Milk took the stage first, followed by Party Photographers, then Nothing, and finally Creepoid. Check out at least one song from each band below, ranging from the drunken, reverberated pop of Party Photographers to the evil and demonic guitars of Creepoid. Don’t sleep on these videos folks, we think yr gonna like what you see (and hear!).

Pet Milk – New Song: Not sure of the name of this one, but it’s a new song! If anybody knows speak up! You can’t really hear the vocals that well. This seemed to be an issue at the bar all night.

Party Photographers – Piano Vache: This song comes from the Party Photographers 7″ that we covered back in summer, from Ian Records. Lots of reverb and lots of alcohol! I don’t understand the minimalist drum set approach either. Just get a full one will ya?

Nothing – Phantom: Not sure of the song names from either of these Nothing songs, so if somebody knows give us a shout. There’s a second Nothing video from the night right here. Something went wrong with that second video during the import process, so the footage gets a bit weird at times – it speeds up and then it’ll slow down for no apparent reason. There’s nothing wrong with the audio though, which counts for something. This song here is called “Phantom”, and it progressively gets larger and louder with each passing second.

Creepoid – Wishing Well: The opening track to the new Creepoid album “Horse Heaven”. All of the anticipation from everything was about to pay off. A great way to start an even greater night.

Creepoid – Staircase: The third track from the new album “Horse Heaven”. I’m not 100% positive about this statement, but it may have been the first time some of these songs were being played in front of that many people in a live setting. You’d probably never guess it, either.

Creepoid – Spirit Birds: Hypnotizing guitars swirl over and over again until the song pops off into a grungy madness. You can’t always see exactly how Pete is shredding away on his guitar, but you can definitely hear how awesome it is.

Creepoid – Enabler: This 7-minute monster “Enabler” took everybody at the show and put them straight on their asses. For anybody who hadn’t heard the album yet prior to the show, they had no idea what sort of madness was about to take place. I think I’m jealous of those unsuspecting people – just take a look at this video. This will without a doubt become a Creepoid concert staple for a good while. Pat’s little freakout at the end is like the indication of just how powerful this song really is.

So as you can see, yes, it was a fantastic night. Although sometimes I wish the lighting were better in these bars, everything still turned out okay. Come to think of it, the vocals were pretty difficult to hear for the whole night as well. But anyhow, keep an eye out for Creepoid as they’ll probably be touring a lot more for their new album in the coming months. There’s still two more Creepoid songs you can watch – “Hollow Doubt” and the self-titled track “Horse Heaven”. So this pretty much wraps it up for our Creepoid-dominated week, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it.

CREEPOID on Bandcamp – listen to the new album !
NOTHING on Bandcamp
PET MILK on Bandcamp

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