Creepoid Live in Philadelphia (03/11/11)

Who?: Creepoid
Where?: Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA
When?: March 11th, 2011

As some of you should already be aware, there’s this band from Philadelphia known as CREEPOID. They took over the stage last night at Johnny Brenda’s with their heavy grunge rock, which just so happens to be their last show before they head out on their journey to SXSW in Austin at the beginning of next week. Last time we caught Creepoid was at their record release show back in January, and since then it appears they’ve been hard at work, because they shared a brand new song with us last night that I so excitedly caught on camera. Aside from that, they played a handful of songs from their latest album “Horse Heaven”, as well as a track from their debut 7″. So without further to say, how about we check those out?

Staircase – Creepoid kicked off their set with “Staircase”. Their mysterious sound was masked by the all too appropriate smoke haze that was surrounding everyone in the room, which definitely makes the video an interesting watch.

Grave Blanket – A bit later they played “Grave Blanket”, which is a song we didn’t capture last time we saw Creepoid. Figured it would be a good move to mix it up this time, and don’t forget to wait around for the freak out at the end. The start/ stop action is just fantastic.

Old Tree – Well this was unexpected and definitely awesome to witness. Creepoid performed a brand new song last night called “Old Tree”, which at this point you can’t find anywhere else but right here. Soon enough I’m sure that will change, but for now just try to soak it all in before everybody else does, and make sure you tell them you saw it here first 😉

Enabler – And of course, it wouldn’t be the same Creepoid show without this song to end. I think I said this last time, but this song is definitely proving to be a Creepoid concert staple. There’s really no way around it. The demonic madness at the end is just too intense to leave alone, and DAMN do they do it up heavy this time around. Watch in awe as the four totally go ape-shit on stage, while everybody else in the crowd was probably jaw-dropped and beside themselves – which is totally expected. In the end it was a marvelous night, and we wish our Philly pals Creepoid much luck at their shows at SXSW, as well as all the other Philly bands taking part. Good luck and see you soon!

Enabler –

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