Sick Hyenas – s/t CS

sick hyenas st cs dumpster tapes 2014

Sick Hyenas first US release is now in the wild. Their eponymous album is available on cassette through Dumpster Tapes in Chicago, IL, presenting eleven psych-punk, surf-stained tracks.

Representing the first physical full-length output by the trio since their beginnings in 2011, Sick Hyenas is a solid effort that highlights the group’s familiarity with their representative genre’s history and their ability to build upon those aesthetics.

The LP’s sound emanates from a different time and place – in some moments conjuring a sun-dazed California beach circa 1968. While many melodies scream surf, vocals and drum impart the distinct and raw sound of a musty garage and allows punk to shine through. Production is noticeably more polished then on their previous singles and EP. The tracks are well sequenced drawing the listener into a fuzzy, cohesive tape.

Many songs are splattered with standout guitar interludes and outros, most notably “Handle Song” and “Howling Rags.” “Texas Cowboy” creatively laces saloon noise samples with a feel-good guitar riff to interweave additional texture. “Wicked Sound” is a woozy, archetypal track chocked with distortion. “Radar Eyes” is a mind trip while “Le Sac” classes things up a bit with a touch of French rock and roll. The final track “Weather of Death” forces you off the beach, but ready to flip the tape and start it all over again. Reward your ears and let them have a listen below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Punk
Sick Hyenas CS: Tracklist:
1.) Handle Song (A Combination)
2.) Surf’n Blood
3.) Hoe
4.) Oh Mother
5.) Texas Cowboy
6.) Wicked Sin
7.) Radar Eyes
8.) Ginsberg
9.) Howling Rags
10.) Le Sac
11.) Honolulu Nights
12.) Weather of Death

BUY the CS from Dumpster Tapes – limited to 100 !
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