Creepoid – Yellow Life Giver 7″

You always gotta show love for your local bands. They’re usually in need of all the support they can get, and they’ll be much more appreciative of your help than say, a big band name like Fall Out Boy, or something like that. I couldn’t really think of a good band example, but I think you’ll catch my drift. I say this because CREEPOID is still a fairly new band, coming straight out of the basements (literally) of Philadelphia, and they’ve just unleashed their debut 7″ to the world this past April. Now they’re hard at work trying to get their music out there and heard by people like you and I, and so far it seems like they’ve done a hell-of-a-job with this. I found this gem of a 7″ in the record store just yesterday, and I’m glad I came across it when I did. I remember when these guys played their record release show with Best Coast back in April, but for whatever reason I couldn’t make it. Now I’m wishing I could have been there. That’s okay though, because we’ve got the 7″ to share with you here today, and share it we shall.

So for starters, this 7″ comes with four brand new songs, with each song being equally as slow and as sad as the last. This stuff would go perfect while you’re looking out the window with your hand in your cheek on an exceptionally dreary day when the sky is gray with a light rain covering the ground around you. The coarse textures of their sound and the gloomy, moody howl of lead singer (name unknown, but it would go here) are the perfect match for each other, hereby proving that Philadelphia definitely has some noteworthy bands storming the lo-fi scene. If you were ever a fan of grunge music, or if you just like bands who spend their time recording obscure, spaced-out heroin-jams in their basement, then Creepoid is surely the band for you. Especially if you’re from Philadelphia, because you’ll be able to see them as many times as you need to. I bet you could find a shit-ton of drugs at one of their shows, too. Well, that goes for any show really. Except straight-edge shows and shit like that. That’s enough of my rambling – check out these songs below, and you can hear more from the 7″ on their Myspace.

Pink Tag Sale –

Magic Drum –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Slowcore, Psychedelic, Dream Pop, Lo-Fi
Yellow Life Giver 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Rotten Tooth
2.) Pink Tag Sale
3.) See-Through
4.) Magic Drum

BUY the 7″ right here, it won’t be around forever.
Creepoid on Myspace !
Creepoid on Bandcamp
Creepoid on Blogspot
Check out another project from some Creepoid members – The G
and watch them play w/ the Japandroids in Philadelphia!

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