Oldermost – Oldermost

Coming from the Fishtown area of North Philadelphia, I am more than pleased to present you with OLDERMOST. These guys are one of the newest bands coming from Philly these days, and their first batch of songs here are beyond worthy of some attention. So stick around to see just what they’re all about.

It makes me happier than usual to tell you all that Oldermost come right from the city I’m writing in. These guys are certainly doing something a little bit different from any other Philly bands I’ve heard recently, and it definitely goes a long way in generating a little bit of hope for the Philly music scene. Not that it was in a bad state before Oldermost came around, but they certainly help mix it up and make things more diverse and not so expected considering all that lo-fi fuzz we’re always dealing with.

Oldermost were featured on local radio station 88.5 WXPN at the end of November, and they gave a lot of insight to the band, the story of their bandname, and just the music in general. Unfortunately for this post, they totally beat me to the punch by describing them as “warm” and “wine and fireplace” inspired. While I can’t claim those thoughts my own, I can definitely tell you I agree with them. That being said, I’m not sure how many other words you could actually use to describe their sound. It’s such a specific sound that only a few certain words will actually work for it.

As far as their songs go, you can find comfort in so many different aspects of their subtle music. The warm, layered goodness of the songs as a whole and the jangly guitars are like welcoming you back into that old familiar home you’ve spent years away from. Lead singer Bradford Bucknum (?) sings with much passion, creating a nourishing and delightful sound that is just as inviting as it is comforting over the jangly guitars. There’s a palpable dream-like haze spread out across the songs, which definitely helps broaden that warm and homely feel. Curl up next to a roaring fire this Winter season, and the music from Oldermost might be the best thing out there to complement you in that situation. Without a doubt, these guys have a huge and promising sound, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something bigger and better for us in the future. But until then, we’re just gonna have to wait.

Lose Your Mind –

Wool Dress –

Dwarf Redwood –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Rock
Oldermost: Tracklist:
1.) Lose Your Mind
2.) Kensington
3.) Wool Dress
4.) Dwarf Redwood

Oldermost on Myspace
Oldermost on Bandcamp

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