Energy Gown – I Watch the Sun 7″

energy gown I watch the sun 7 2013

Chicago psych-drone rockers ENERGY GOWN sent over their debut, self-released 7″ I Watch the Sun. The three tracks combine for a whopping 15 minutes of mesmerizing, acid-drenched psych.

It all begins with the haze-soaked guitars in “Toe the Line”, backed by shimmering tambourines and wailing vocals for an immediately dense and warbled sound. You can’t help but feel like your stranded in the middle of a cosmic desert as your slowly pulled into a gaping black hole. There’s tons of nervous energy stemming from “Diamond Bun”, plagued by wigged-out vocal tones and deep, throbbing bass lines. Guitars and synths swirl and roar to create the wet and slippery psych sound, coming on full force in the second half of the track. Together they wash over everything in the mix, resulting in a psyched-out monstrosity of frantic guitar waves that’s absolutely sinister. It all reemerges in the final minute, burying us deeper into the menacing psych before the track fades out. “Echo Tower” closes the 7″ with its nightmare-ish tribal hauntings, driven by deep drum thuds and rhythmic tambourine jangles. Noisy, metallic-tinged guitars sneer and bubble through it all, resulting in a murky, 8-minute downward spiral with an increasingly primitive edge. Listen below right now and snag the 7″ while it’s still available – there’s only 300!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Experimental, Noise Rock
I Watch the Sun 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Toe the Line
2.) Diamond Bun
3.) Echo Tower

BUY the 7″ (or cassette) directly from the band – limited to 300!
Energy Gown on Facebook

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