Fucked Up w/ Kurt Vile Live in Philadelphia (2/17/10)

So it’s been over a week since my house has had internet OR cable, and it’s been exactly one week since I made my last post. I really don’t have much to say about that other than I hate Comcast. But hey, why live in the past? They did their job (I think), and everything is back to the way it should be, at least for now.

Who?: Fucked Up with Kurt Vile
Where?: The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
When?: February 17th, 2010

While all of this was going on, I decided to go check out a show on Wednesday night (2/17) at a special place called The Barbary. The bill read “Fucked Up with Kurt Vile & the Violators”, so I didn’t really have a choice on this one. Unfortunately, instead of Kurt Vile playing with his “Violators” as the bill had promised, he was instead just playing a solo set, which is still fantastic news. I had never previously seen Kurt Vile perform live, so I was undoubtedly excited for this one. I even got the chance to talk to Kurt for a second after his set was finished. When I asked him how playing in his hometown of Philadelphia compares to playing in other cities, he promptly answered that he usually plays the best when performing in Philly. I think he’s right, and here are some videos to support that statement.

Best Love – At about 2 minutes in the vocals cut out in the song and Kurt stopped playing, only to resume seconds later. I especially love the last minute of this video.

Dead Alive – Performing the 2nd track off of “Childish Prodigy”, this may be the most entertaining in terms of his guitar playing. I definitely can’t do that.

Overnite Religion – Extended version of the fan favorite “Overnite Religion”, he plays it for over 7 minutes.

Space Forklift – In between this final song and the previous one, Kurt mentioned he didn’t know what he wanted to play to finish. I saw an opportunity to hear any Kurt Vile song, so I quickly shouted “Space Forklift!” to which he responded “…Maybe.”, then he played it. Smiles all around!

David Comes to Life – “The statement here is I think I am disguising the fact that I’m fat by wearing my shirt”. Hilarious. Normally this song only lasts about 2 minutes. For the live version that is not the case, they play for a full 7 minutes this time.

Bodies cover & Police – Fucked Up close their set with a Sex Pistols cover of the song “Bodies” and then play their original track “Police” before calling it a night. And what a night it was.

Thanks for viewing, and now that we have internet in our lovely home once again, be sure to expect some more posts coming your way. Farewell!

Kurt Vile on Myspace
Fucked Up on Myspace
More on the show here

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