Likers – Men of Honor CS

likers men of honor cs suicide bong tapes 2014

Suicide Bong Tapes is one of the fresher labels in Philadelphia. A division of FDH Records, they just dropped the new cassette EP from Philly-based pop-punks LIKERS. Men of Honor exposes us to six energized songs, each of which make up a strong and cohesive release.

Officially released on February 11th, Men of Honor is Likers debut release, however it nearly sounds like it could be their third or fourth. Their six songs feature elements anywhere from pop, post-punk and punk, occasionally mixing in some synth pop nods as well. It helps keep their sound fun and refreshing, which features exhilarating turn after turn as Men of Honor unfolds.

The cassette opens with a blast in “Kamikaze Hearts,” revealing colorful synth layers and grungy bass. The complexion of their sound is detailed and crystal clear, becoming almost cinematic at times as they charge through these tracks. The track swells with jagged guitar hooks that sound sharp and clean, backed by bass throbs and glistening beams of synth. Vocals are provided by three-quarters of the band, which you can hear as things take shape. Cassette highlight “Two at a Time” is just over two minutes of enthusiastic pop glory and it hits with maximum impact every time. It’s an anthem of sorts, loaded with ecstatic guitars and wonky bass lines. Andrew Chase’s snarling tone leads the way, backed by howls from the rest of the band.

“Lights Out” is the cassettes longest track, leading with a brief instrumental intro. It includes dreary synth speckles and gritty bass, eventually popping off about a minute later. Caffeinated guitar shredding takes control, held together by a tight rhythm and fluttering synth waves. The stop-start action keeps you alert, quickly becoming another EP highlight. Aside from these, there’s a bluesy little segment at the end of “Election,” not to mention the dark and dire post-punk vibes in EP closer “Phone You.” So if you haven’t gotten the picture by now, this EP has a little bit of everything. Not just recommended listening today folks, this one is mandatory – start listening below!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Alternative
Men of Honor Cassette: Tracklist:
1.) Kamikaze Hearts
2.) Credence
3.) Two at a Time
4.) Lights Out
5.) Election
6.) Phone You

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