Styrofoam Drone Showcase (6/11) + Kappa Chow 7″

kappa chow punk as fuck 7 killer haze records

Killer Haze Records just released a new cassette EP from KAPPA CHOW. The Sudbury, Ontario band is gearing up to tour the states and they’re coming to Philadelphia for a second Styrofoam Drone Showcase on June 11th.

Kiss the Void Records also released a 7″ version of the EP with two songs from the cassette. The 7″ includes “Punk As Fuck” and “Love On Me,” which are two jangly slices of glamorous punk rock. The band is snotty and energetic, creating fuzzy guitar hooks to go with their tambourine-driven assault. “Punk As Fuck” is a scrappy little anthem, built with gritty power chords and a wave of shredded guitar noise. Come June 11th they will be in Philadelphia at Bourbon and Branch, joining the stage with Philly bands Likers and Hurry for a second Styrofoam Drone Showcase. Start listening to the 7″ below, and hopefully we’ll see you on June 11th!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop
Punk As Fuck 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Punk As Fuck
2.) Love On Me

BUY the cassette from Killer Haze Records
Kappa Chow / Likers / Hurry Facebook Event Page – say you’re coming !

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