Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover 7″

After some time off, the good folks at Father/Daughter Records are set to release their fifth record, this time being a single from Santa Monica, CA one-man-band OREGON BIKE TRAILS.

With his debut release, Zach Yudin of Oregon Bike Trails definitely paints a vivid picture with his nostalgic, upbeat pop songs. “High School Lover” is a convincing, hazy jammer about what could have been with vocals that somehow bring to mind a name like Modest Mouse. Balmy bass lines and primitive drumming drive the focused rhythm while guitars work to keep structure as well as take the lead above the mix. The combination of fluttering synth waves and featherweight guitar leads combine for added depth, going even further with complementary maracas which in the end almost suggests influences from world music.

Flipping to the B-side, this reveals an even more delicious and optimistic sound masked behind a layer of cheerful and colorful tropical haze. The positive vibes are surely overflowing from this encouraging number to the point where you’ll find yourself giving it a few extra spins. Pay attention to Zach Yudin’s lyrics and you might even detect his reference to “Karma Chameleon“, a song that sounds remotely similar, intentionally or not.

Within you will also find an array of thoughtful guitar wizardry that feels like the sun coming up over the horizon as it causes you to squint in it’s purely innocent bliss – this mess of guitars and joyous effects are delightfully overwhelming to say the least, to which your mood will positively skyrocket. You wouldn’t be doing this track justice if you didn’t give it at least one more spin, so we’re here to make sure you do just that. Whether it’s the intoxicating vocal melodies or just the sheer charm that is delivered right in your lap, you don’t want to miss out on this one. Snag it now – limited to 500 on white vinyl!

High School Lover –

Cayucas –

My Rating: 8.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Pop, Singer/ Songwriter
High School Lover 7″: Tracklist:
1.) High School Lover
2.) Cayucas

BUY the 7″ directly from Father/Daughter Records – limited to 500 on white vinyl !
Oregon Bike Trails on Bandcamp

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