Burning Yellows/ The Whines – Palmist Split 12″

The latest from the FatCat sister label Palmist Records is this split 12″ between Portland’s THE WHINES and BURNING YELLOWS. This is an exceptional pairing of like-minded bands drenched in the perpetual Portland gloom.

Believe it or not, today is the official release date for the 12″. Beginning with the Burning Yellows side, they are the husband and wife duo of Zach and Kyja King with Kaitie Hereferd on drums. This nasty trio offers up a heated and distorted strand of fuzzy garage pop with a helping of discontented charm, displayed excellently in a song like “Mid Waste”. The pulsing, tom-heavy rhythm will leave you feeling bruised and battered when it’s all said and done, like you were just manhandled by a wave of metallic grit that doesn’t take no for an answer. The best part is it doesn’t stop there because they don’t let up for a whole ten minutes, where “False Horizons” should help prove that below.

Flipping over to The Whines side of the fence, you are still with a familiar sound only this time you lose a big part of the pop edge that was present earlier. The Whines seem to stick to a more mysterious blend of garage rock with a nearly dirty sounding blues weave intertwined in the middle of the crunchy madness. This is exactly the kind of lo-fi filth we live for around here, where “Take Care of Yourself” is a picture perfect garage rock nugget riddled with tinny guitar shreds and conversely, chiming bells of optimism. Also focusing on the closing track “About the Sun”, this proves The Whines are more than just a garage rock band. Delicate vocals, featherweight acoustics and more breezy chiming go a long way to show what The Whines are capable of, where we can only hope they will have more for us in the near future. Don’t forget their 7″ on Mt. St. Mtn. if you’re aching for a bit more.

Mid Waste –

False Horizons –

Electric Current –

Take Care of Yourself –

My Rating: 8.1/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
Palmist Split 12″: Tracklist:
Burning Yellows
1.) Blanks
2.) Get Out
3.) Mid Waste
4.) Drains
5.) False Horizons
The Whines
1.) Electric Current
2.) Belt of Scalps
3.) Take Care of Yourself
4.) How to Act
5.) About the Sun

BUY the 12″ directly from Palmist Records
The Whines on Facebook
Burning Yellows on Facebook

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