Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread

Releasing his first record on the Drag City imprint, TY SEGALL unleashes what is officially his fifth full length album to the masses. Now at this point we can only hope he keeps doing what he does best, which means we don’t have anything to worry about.

All of these ten songs unfold at a staggeringly slow pace, complemented by the equally sizzling atmosphere they create. That being said, this lethargic record falls somewhere between the point of a carnival-esque lava world and heated acoustic textures of psychedelic wonderment. These blistering atmospheres are usually created by lethally fuzzy guitars which stumble along at a brooding pace, sounding as blunt and jagged as a dull and rusty knife. This is illustrated almost perfectly in a track like “Where Your Head Goes”, which creeps along lazily with eye-gouging solos. In a similar vein, “My Head Explodes” rides on a foreboding acoustic flow before finally popping off into a vengeful finale (which lasts all of twenty-five seconds) and knocking your ass straight on the floor.

On a slightly different level, “I am With You” eventually begins to spiral out of control into what is perhaps the fastest rhythm on the whole album, before losing the suddenly found momentum to a strung out and baffling finish. Then there’s a song like “You Make the Sun Fry”, which slowly unravels with thickening humidity into a scorching mess. The heated bass bubbles like boiling tar until the point where it actually sounds sticky, like it’s so hot your body melted into the car seat as you suffer from heat exhaustion. Last but certainly not least you’ll encounter an all-encompassing and dynamic song like “The Floor”. This is a tricky track indeed, at first sounding like a hectic listen before stopping on the dime and switching to the polar opposite. A whirlwind of drumming and demonic bass lines emerge for a deadly toxic sludge meltdown combined with an eyebrow singeing slow burner, creating one of the most unique tracks found on the album.

Once these songs have a firm grasp on your ears they refuse to let go, slowly sucking the life out of you until you’re a walking zombie of the fiery underworld. This makes up a more than satisfying album of the garage rock variety, with plenty of face melting solos and an overall deformed complexion.

California Commercial –

You Make the Sun Fry –

My Head Explodes –

The Floor –

My Rating: 8.4/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Singer-Songwriter
Goodbye Bread: Tracklist:
1.) Goodbye Bread
2.) California Commercial
3.) Comfortable Home (A True Story)
4.) You Make the Sun Fry
5.) I Can’t Feel It
6.) My Head Explodes
7.) The Floor
8.) Where Your Head Goes
9.) I am With You
10.) Fine

BUY the LP directly from Insound
Ty Segall – Official Website

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