Mini Dresses – Hot Sun 7″

mini dresses hot sun 7 manic pop 2012

MINI DRESSES are a self-described “bedroom pop” band from Austin, TX. Their new 7″ Hot Sun was just put out by Manic Pop! Records, the second 7″ we’re covering from the Minnesota-based label in two weeks.

For their first 7″ Mini Dresses take on a bubbly and hazy strand of dream pop characterized by Lira Mondal’s breathy howl and wispy, ambient textures that saturate the mix with a featherweight and cosmic feel. “Hot Sun” quickly fits the mold, delivering a heavy dose of washed-out vocals that are eventually drowned in an increasingly noisy mix of frantic and warming electronics. “Just Go” is a short but gorgeous pop nugget, revealing some shimmering guitars deep in the mix that only increase the beauty factor of these songs. “Post Office Girl” closes the 7″ with cooing vocal hooks and rumbling bass lines, paving the way for a splitting guitar shrill that sucks the song up into a gaping black hole. Hear for yourself in these two tracks below, then go grab the 7″ from Manic Pop! Records because it won’t be around forever.

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Ethereal, Ambient
Hot Sun 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Hot Sun
2.) Just Go
3.) Post Office Girl

BUY the 7″ directly from Manic Pop! Records – limited to 500 !
Mini Dresses on Facebook
Mini Dresses on Bandcamp

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