Unnatural Helpers – Sunshine/Pretty Girls 7″

UNNATURAL HELPERS are a four piece rock band hailing from Seattle, Washington. Dean Whitmore, Kimberly Morrison, Brian Standeford, and Charles Gebhardt make up the band, and together they play these quick, guitar-heavy tunes, almost always getting their point across before the three minute mark. This 7″ was their first release to come from the Hardly Art label, and it was released right at the end of March. A month later after the single came their full-length effort “Cracked Love & Other Drugs”, and since then I’m sure these guys have been touring relentlessly. Check out a song from both sides of the record right below, the self-depreciating lyrics of “Sunshine/Pretty Girls” or the heavy rockin’ in “Shakes”. Definitely some nice guitar work in there. Keep an eye out for their full-length too.

Sunshine/Pretty Girls –

Shakes –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Garage Rock
Sunshine/Pretty Girls 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Sunshine/Pretty Girls
2.) Did the Lawn Get Mowed?
3.) Shakes
4.) Waiting Such a Long Time

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – Limited to 500!
You can also buy their full-length LP from Insound
Unnatural Helpers on Myspace
Unnatural Helpers on Last.fm

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