Teenage Panzerkorps – Thee Incantations of Bunker Wolf 7″

Everybody’s favorite half-German, half-American band TEENAGE PANZERKORPS (DER TPK) are back once again, this time with a brand new 7″ from Release the Bats. Don’t get your hopes up too soon though, because the obscure pressing of 116 copies is already sold the-fuck out.

Parts of this single were recorded in the states in San Francisco in 2010, while the other parts were recorded in Berlin sometime during 2009. This is not a surprise. Four new noisy tracks are included on this single, with their last release being “German Reggae”, which might be a good indication of what these new songs could sound like. Also a good indication is the title, which blatantly tells us that lead singer Bunker Wolf has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The instrumental “Baptismal Fountain” blends abrasive, metallic scratching over top of blissed-out, heavenly textures that certainly act as the complete opposites of one another. That being said, there’s definitely some legitimate juxtaposition within this track. Backtracking a bit, the opener “V3” is nothing short of a fantastic introduction. Frantic drumming and a chanting Bunker Wolf are constantly fighting for the spotlight underneath grinding textures, which in themselves are harshly wall-like and densely thick. “God, an Ape” features more of these wall-like guitars which are complemented by more of that colorful, heavenly bliss we heard from “Baptismal Fountain”, only this time Bunker Wolf sings. Check out two of the four songs right below, and head over to this Bandcamp page to hear the rest.

V3 –

Baptismal Fountain –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk
Thee Incantations of Bunker Wolf 7″: Tracklist:
1.) V3
2.) Baptismal Fountain
3.) God, an Ape
4.) Afternoon Service

BUY the 7″ digitally from Bandcamp – 7″ is all sold out !
More info. on this release @ Release the Bats

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