Fossils – The Golden Door 7″

What’s up people. I didn’t really have anything prepared for today, so I kind of just went searching for anything and took the first thing I could find. I usually don’t do this sort of thing, but time is an issue today. I’m waiting on a good amount of new wax to come in the mail, so don’t get used to this – but more on those things later this week.

With the stuff I have here today, it’s simply going to be a hit or a miss. I’ll say it right up front that the two songs on this 7″ are not for everybody. It might even be a stretch to refer to them as “songs”, let alone music in general. These two tracks are more or less the noisy experimental escapades of David Payne, the main man behind the Fossils moniker since it’s birth in 2004. He’s been putting out countless cassette tapes, CD-R’s, and various formats of vinyl ever since the beginning – see a full comprehensive list right here – and this is apparently one of the latest releases.

I’ll say it again that this stuff isn’t for everybody – it’s definitely more of an acquired taste sort of thing. If you like thought-provoking sounds that paint a strange landscape in your mind, then this could be just for you. Parts of the track “War Puzzle” sound as if you’re standing on an extremely windy runway while an airplane slowly comes down to the ground to make it’s landing. If there’s anything this stuff is going to do for you, it’s bound to paint a vivid picture, as long as you keep an open mind and don’t dismiss the stuff before you’ve even listened all the way. Check out the B-side “War Puzzle” right below. Leave comments too, because I want know what you all think.

War Puzzle –

My Rating: 4.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise, Ambient, Experimental, whathaveyou
The Golden Door 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Golden Door
2.) War Puzzle

Check out the extensive Fossils discography @ Discogs
Fossils on Myspace
Fossils on
Fossils on Facebook
Don’t think this one is left to buy anywhere…it’s limited to 100 from Kye Records

7 thoughts on “Fossils – The Golden Door 7″

  1. ohhhhhhMY. Well, on the one hand i liked it because i ended up painting a scene in my head of being at a track and then making it to the airlines and eventually landing from the long trip.
    ~i thank you for my musical journey. (both tonight and overall)

    ***on the other hand, i wish there was more. i don’t like the abrupt hault in the end. I want to know what my destination is in the end.
    (Soooo…it’s kinda funny how i just came back from my own journey tonight of taxi, train, bus, and foot. cool stuff. )

  2. Feels like insides being ripped to shreds. Avant garde pushed to its limit. There’s definitely something uncanny about it, which is cool but I think that with instrumental/only sound-based music, there’s got to be some sort of convention for the mixture of sounds being used.
    The first minute sounds like it could come out of an Animal Collective song (after being tidied up and then with the addition of lyrics). I use “could” very loosely. I feel like you would hear this in an obscure avant garde film by Peter Greenaway or someone of that nature. I listened to it 4 times and just couldn’t get into it.

  3. I couldn’t help but get bored of the noise on golden gate after a few seconds but I forced myself to listen to the entire track. It was not worth it. 1/5

  4. Ahh, rite up my alley. I kinda love almost everythin on Kye. When I listen to music (or whatever people may call it) I like to be taken somewhere; not anywhere particular, just somewhere that’s not here. This took me somewhere. Lovin it and was amazed at the size of their discography.

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