Grass Widow – Past Time

What’s up people, hopefully you all had a good Halloween weekend. Too bad it only comes once a year because it’s always a great time. But what’s done is done, so let’s get this week in music started.

First up to start things off we’ve got the most recent album from GRASS WIDOW. This thing came out right before Summer ended in August – from the Kill Rock Stars imprint out of Portland, OR and Olympia, WA. Grass Widow is comprised of three women known as Hanna Lew (bass), Raven Mahon (guitars), and Lilian Maring (drums). They each bring something special to the table when it comes to their instruments, but the vocals are a different story. The Grass Widow outfit probably wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for these three beautiful voices either. All three of the girls take part in the vocal efforts, and it’s easily probably the most striking and unique aspect to their music. This new album is their longest to date, clocking in at just over 26 minutes, and it’s overflowing with unsettling, fast-paced song structure, beyond-delightful harmonies, and the sure ability to drop your jaw.

If you know about anything from Grass Widow before this LP, then you probably already know what to expect, aside from the music being totally addicting. Short and quick little post-punk outbursts fill the album from beginning to end, never really venturing too far past the three minute mark. They keep it short, and that certainly helps make the music as addicting as it is. Warbled and wonky bass and guitar lines drive the songs as the drumming crashes along behind them, making for some seriously complex sounding music – almost as if there’s stuff flying in all different directions without the time to figure them all out before it’s too late.

The real deal though for these guys comes in the singing. A mess of gorgeous singing voices are always there to guide you through the song, with harmonies so gratifying and complicated it’s actually quite haunting at times. Don’t be surprised if this sends a chill up yr spine, because at times it literally can be haunting, no jokes. Sometimes there’s a strange sense of urgency weaved into the seriously dire tones. They even go as far as getting an orchestral type feel out of some of their songs, like “Uncertain Memory” and “Give Me Shapes”. There’s some violin and other string instruments of the sort in the songs that help give it that feel, and it really complements the serious qualities in their music. Sometimes they have fun, but not always, because it’s important to be determined sometimes. That way people can take you seriously. And it certainly works for Grass Widow – check out these songs below and let the infection begin. And if you’re a Grass Widow fan and have been seeking out their first LP from Make a Mess, this right here might be the last place you can get it.

Uncertain Memory –

11 of Diamonds –

Strangers Come –

Tuesday –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Ethereal, Pop
Past Time: Tracklist:
1.) Uncertain Memory
2.) Shadow
3.) 11 of Diamonds
4.) Give Me Shapes
5.) Old Disguise
6.) Fried Egg
7.) Landscape
8.) Submarine
9.) Strangers Come
10.) Tuesday

Grass Widow on Myspace !
BUY the LP directly from Insound!

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