Penicillin Baby – Jams: Volume II EP

penicillin baby jams volume ii favorite face records 2012

Nashville four-piece PENICILLIN BABY sent us over their new EP Jams: Volume II with a colorful combination of space rock and psyched-out pop. This creates an equally interesting and inviting mixture of sounds on their final release of 2012.

This music is carefully executed and should be easily accessible, being that it’s clear of any unnecessary noise or jangle. Clean-cut guitars and wonky bass lines make up a track like “Television”, supplying us with an array of kaleidoscopic guitar washes and plenty of hazy and melted textures over top of their palpable energy. “Teen Wolf” is a breezy track that again shows off their cool strand of psychedelia, eventually overshadowing most of the poppy notions by leaning toward the psych side of the fence with an electrified guitar solo. If you can recall the Spyrals LP we covered last year, these guys don’t seem to fall very far from each other. This EP features more peppy energy and added pop tendencies, but there’s still room for some comparison to be made.

Get a healthy dose of Penicillin Baby with these two tracks from their EP. If that’s not enough, there’s plenty more to help satisfy on their Bandcamp!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Psychedelic, Space Rock
Jams: Volume II EP: Tracklist:
1.) Tainted Mind
2.) Television
3.) Teen Wolf
4.) She Doesn’t Mind

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on the Penicillin Baby Bandcamp
Penicillin Baby on Facebook
Penicillin Baby on Tumblr

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