Pavement – Perfect Sound Forever

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Noise Rock

Since I love Pavement so much, and so do you (you do love Pavement, right?), I have decided to post MORE Pavement today! How exciting! Today I have an EP for you that comes from the very early Pavement days, dating back to April 15th, 1991. This EP was the third release from Pavement, and it was put out by the label Drag City. Good luck finding this EP though, because it has been out of print for years. Your best bet would be eBay…or Philadelphia’s Punk Rock Flea Market (when in season), where I happily scored my very own copy. I already posted a bit of information on this release for the “Band of the Week” feature today. Basically, because this an early Pavement release, it’s not going to sound exactly like the Pavement you and I love and cherish so much. Most of the songs from Pavement’s early days can easily be considered nosiy, rackety, strange, and possibly even mysterious.

The best (and most ridiculous) example of one of these songs would be “Drive-By Fader”. Seriously? Come on. What is that? It’s just a 28 second song that sounds like a distorted piano/ keyboard that if you listened to long enough would eventually become a headache inducer. Seriously. Listen for yourself on YouTube. Not all of these noisy tracks are so bad though. The opening track “Heckler Spray” is a much more accessible noise track than any of the others, with its heavy guitars and steady drum beat. I actually wish this song was much longer, because it would probably turn out to be quite a bad ass track. Check it out on YouTube right here. See what I mean? They could have kept that going, man! Aside from these noisy tracks, there are a few more traditional songs found on the EP, like the track “Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent”. This is a great song with a sick introduction, but the best part comes within the last 3 seconds when Malkmus utters the word “Fuck.” No other word could have been more appropriate here. Other tracks surely worth checking out are “Home”, and my personal favorite, “Debris Slide”, with it’s silly chants that are fun to sing along with. Check those two songs out right below, or here. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check-in again tomorrow.

Pavement – Debris Slide

Pavement – Home

Perfect Sound Forever: Tracklist
1. “Heckler Spray” – 1:06
2. “From Now On” – 2:03
3. “Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent” – 2:30
4. “Drive by Fader” – 0:28
5. “Debris Slide” – 1:56
6. “Home” – 2:23
7. “Krell Vid-User” – 1:26

Pavement: Official Website
Perfect Sound Forever: You definitely can’t buy this record anywhere but eBay. You could just buy the “Westing (by Musket & Sextant)” compilation which includes all the tracks from the EP and more! – BUY!

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