Fluorescent Heights – Tourism

Henrik Stelzer, otherwise known as FLUORESCENT HEIGHTS, is the man behind the chillingly serene sounds on his debut album “Tourism.” The record comes from Danish label Subsuburban in an edition of 300 on turquoise blue vinyl.

“Tourism” is a gorgeous collection of colorfully lysergic landscapes that evoke both an emotional response and the feeling that your stranded in the middle of frozen-over arctic tundra. “Gospel-like mirages” is one great way to illustrate the sounds that are discovered in this hidden gem as you’re continually lost in the chilling yet hazy wasteland. Each track sounds like it’s own purely secluded sanctuary, riddled with perpetual floating ambiance to give everything an airy, frothy texture. Tracks like “Deep Rivers” literally sound like they are calmly breathing beneath the glowing complexion that swirls and shimmers.

Songs tend to be repetitive and loop-heavy, yet there are still other elements that work themselves into the structure to keep things from going stale. For example, the glowing leads of the mysterious “Nightmare Beach,” as well as the sound of rustling waves washing up on the beach towards the end. Other tracks like “Gemini” and “Paranormal Experience” seem to follow a similar pattern with their blinking light textures, to the point where “Paranormal Experience” sounds like you’re drifting through the cosmos. “Eternal Rhythms” alters that flow of the previous three tracks, creating a much more strung out and puzzling version of everything prior.

It proves difficult to not be totally immersed by these dazzling songs, bringing you to a level where you will find yourself constantly distracted by such curiously vivid sounds. This album will wrap you up tight in its chilling cocoon of ambiance and once that happens it will be too late. Considering we haven’t heard a record like this all year, “Tourism” certainly stands out for its haunting uniqueness. Here’s a few cuts from the album below and you can hear even more by checking the Fluorescent Heights Soundcloud page.

Tourism –

Nightmare Beach –

Paranormal Experience –

My Rating: 7.4/10
Genre/ Tags: Ambient, Psychedelic, Electronic, Experimental, Noise
Tourism LP: Tracklist:
1.) Tourism
2.) Heat
3.) Underwater Sequence
4.) Deep Rivers
5.) Nightmare Beach
6.) Gemini
7.) Paranormal Experience
8.) Eternal Rhythms
9.) New Rites

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