Windshifter – April Showers EP

windshifter april showers ep self released 2015

WINDSHIFTER is the moniker of Chicago-based recording artist Anders Johanson. His debut, the April Showers EP, was just self-released on Bandcamp with cassette tapes planned for the near future.

It’s absolutely worth noting that the EP is currently available for free download – all 23-minutes of its heavenly, fuzzed-out bliss. Johanson blends a calculated spattering of soaring electronics and douses them in a sea of buzzing noise, placing you inside a tiny, environment-like bubble as you peacefully drift away. The pristine sound falls somewhere equally between experimental and ambient, boasting a slew of memorable melodic tendencies that are executed in a few different ways. “Rhododendron” dips and climbs with waning organs, nearly sounding rough to the touch thanks to the thick layer of fuzz surrounding it. “Lilly” follows up with wet, squishy electronics that eventually morph into a gooey melody that’s calm and fibrous. The track eventually drowns out in a wave of increasingly scratchy noise before suddenly stopping on a dime. EP closer “Drosanthemum” is the most drawn-out and pensive of the bunch, beginning as a cavernous, womb-like affair until it starts to thicken with extra layers of screeching ambiance. You’re best bet now is to take 25 minutes and let this EP sink in and take you to its own, far-out realm. Get listening.

Genre/ Tags: Ambient, Noise, Electronic, Experimental, Drone
April Showers EP: Tracklist:
1.) Rhododendron
2.) Lilly
3.) Drosanthemum

DOWNLOAD the EP for FREE on Bandcamp

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