EXEK – Ahead of Two Thoughts LP

exek ahead of two thoughts lp superior viaduct 2018Since 2011, Superior Viaduct in San Francisco has put together quite an eclectic roster of artists. That trend continues on their sub-label W.25TH with EXEK and their brand new brain-burner of an album, Ahead of Two Thoughts. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the 5-piece group of disgruntled post-punkers come off more as a band of doctors experimenting with a brand new (musical) life form. Continue reading “EXEK – Ahead of Two Thoughts LP”

White Hex – Heat 12″ EP

WHITE HEX are a self-described “tropical-goth” band from Melbourne, Australia. The duo is made up of Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green who met in Australia and lived in an “decrepit old house for neighborhood criminals, junkies, scumbags and teenagers.” Continue reading “White Hex – Heat 12″ EP”