Mini Dresses – Hot Sun 7″

mini dresses hot sun 7 manic pop 2012

MINI DRESSES are a self-described “bedroom pop” band from Austin, TX. Their new 7″ Hot Sun was just put out by Manic Pop! Records, the second 7″ we’re covering from the Minnesota-based label in two weeks. Continue reading “Mini Dresses – Hot Sun 7″”

Fluorescent Heights – Tidal Motions CS

fluorescent heights tidal motions cs 2013 constellation tatsu

Tidal Motions is right on pace from where FLUORESCENT HEIGHTS (or Henrik Stelzer) left off on his debut LP Tourism from 2011. This is the first of two cassettes from Stelzer so far in 2013. Continue reading “Fluorescent Heights – Tidal Motions CS”