Keep Shelly in Athens – Campus Maritus EP

After an outstanding EP on Forest Family Records, KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS came right back with another EP on Planet Mu Records, only this time with a different final result.

Around these parts we’re really starting to believe that this Grecian electronic duo can do no wrong. Their latest EP, “Campus Maritus,” takes their already ahead-of-the-curve sound and expands on it greatly – that being said, they seem to have taken a much more open-ended and inventive route with their ideas. These four tracks offer a much more experimental and curious approach than anything we’ve heard from them prior and hopefully this is only the beginning. Songs like “The Chains” and “Struggle With Yourself,” will go an exceptionally long way to prove those claims. Between awesome dub-induced remixes (“Cub”) and their shocking ability to refresh our ears with each passing record, the only direction these guys can go is up.

Sarah’s healing voice sounds like that of a saint as she slyly coos throughout the EP, with the exception of the instrumental, self-titled track “Campus Maritus.” While this track still does illustrate the experimental nature of this EP, it just doesn’t hit the same mark as its counterparts. This immediately brings to mind the closer “Struggle With Yourself” which is a different beast entirely. Some serious craftsmanship went down in this song, to the point where my initial reaction was a simple “Whoa” followed by a huge crank up on the volume knob. Dominating this track is a grimy, scratchy and jagged texture that literally sounds like something you could reach out and touch – it’s not particularly a pleasant sound, but lordy will you be cringing in joy. Needless to say, a song like this only proves they are expanding their boundaries and clearly they are confident in doing so with results like these. Lucky for us!

PS – You still have a chance to snag the EP on blue vinyl before it’s all gone. Better not wait too long.

Cub (KSiA Remix) –

The Chains –

Struggle With Yourself –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Ethereal, Ambient
Campus Maritus EP: Tracklist:
1.) Solar Bears – Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
2.) The Chains
3.) Campus Maritus
4.) Struggle With Yourself

BUY the EP directly from Insound – on BLUE vinyl, snag this while you still can
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