Memory Motel – Wasted Days 7″

MEMORY MOTEL is still a fairly new band out of Reno, Nevada. They’re a spaced-out group of youngsters (as young as 16 years up to 20) specializing in a hazy strand of conflicted space-rock.

As they promised, it actually is quite difficult to pin any old genre to the sound we’re hearing on their debut single. Both of these songs are filled out with a troubling atmospheric haze with crystal clear guitars floating on top. These guys seem to pay awfully close attention to small detail, resulting in lots of little subtle sounds and colorful effects to intensify the tripped-out rhythms (see “Wasted Days”) – this certainly helps create the mesmerizing trip-hop backdrop you are hearing. Suddenly the track changes momentum right in the middle, throwing us into a ground shaking tom-tom roll that eventually pops off into an electrified guitar breakdown riddled with all sorts of swirly, kaleidoscopic effects – bet you didn’t see that coming.

On the B-side, “Lost Souls” is a chilling tune, with light, frothy guitars and a thick atmosphere that makes for a peculiar dichotomy, while Chris Gibson’s quivering vocals sound high-pitched and spectral. The lazy, crystalline guitars smoothly glide through this haunting landscape, creating a colorful swell of texture a bit before the 2:30 minute mark. The track wraps up with that unexpected whistling tune, but words really don’t do it any justice. You should probably just listen to these tracks right below.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Space Rock, Post-Rock, Ambient
Wasted Days 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Wasted Days
2.) Lost Souls

BUY the 7″ directly from the band – self-released and limited to 500 !
Memory Motel – Official Website
Memory Motel on Facebook

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