Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dream EP

Much like their debut release, this sophomore EP from KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS on Forest Family Records is a gorgeous collection of tracks and a great justification of their overall ambition.

To put it simply, the music that comes from this Grecian duo should be the face of the chillwave genre, quickly and rightfully leaving other familiar names like Washed Out, Part Time or Toro y Moi to whimper in the dust. Those who don’t swear by Keep Shelly in Athens (or KSIA) only means they simply haven’t yet heard the blissfully golden sounds that their growing catalog of music beholds. “Our Own Dream” is like a sanctuary of glistening gems that is hidden in a sea of “chillwave” bands who think way too highly of what they’re doing, while KSIA tend to remain a bit more timid and modest.

That being said, unlike the rest of those bands, KSIA tend to keep to themselves and rarely seem to stray off task. Whether it’s the beachy, lounging qualities of the care-free “Lazy Noon” or the haunting, swirling flawlessness of “Our Own Dream” (which even yields some dub-like qualities), there is a good reason for anybody to become totally enamored with these heavenly and influential sounds.

If a song like “DIY” doesn’t prove these guys have the drive and the talent to pull it off, then you’re a lost cause. Sarah P. howls like a woman on fire with her ghostly and powerful voice, making way for sweeping percussion and complementary brass arrangements that go hand in hand with her words. In a stretch of music like “DIY,” it shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint all of the musical substance that makes this such a memorable and immersible listen – pretty much everything I just said, also including the propulsive backdrop that perpetually pushes the song further.

What I’m trying to say is that this music is graspable – you can turn it on, sit down and be totally immersed in the glorious sounds. As you’re slowly escalated to another level, you can feel the beat of songs like “Fairytale” pulsing through you with it’s bumping bass and blinking, fluttering electronics. The lengthy titled closing track helps illustrate this phenomenon with its swift break-beat rhythm that eventually gives way to a dark, troubling ambiance – as you weather the brewing storm, it’s similar to the feeling when the rain clouds slowly cover up the shining sun and the darkness swallows everything in sight. Now you’re suddenly plagued by demonic, high voltage electronics which sounds dangerously close to epic guitar work, hereby leaving you in a state of awe as you quickly restart the EP again from track one.

You would be a fool to miss out on this one, so don’t wait any longer. Unfortunately the vinyl is already totally sold out, but it doesn’t have to be all bad! Their even NEWER upcoming EP “Campus Maritus” can be pre-ordered through Insound, so maybe you should go buy that now so you’re not sad about it later.

Lazy Noon –

Our Own Dream –

Fairytale –

My Rating: 8.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Chillwave, Lounge, Ambient
Our Own Dream EP: Tracklist:
1.) Lazy Noon
2.) Our Own Drea
3.) California Birds (Remix)
4.) DIY
5.) Fairytale
6.) A) The Rogue Superhero B) Ready to Pay the Price

BUY their latest EP “Campus Maritus” from Insound – on BLUE vinyl & it’ll be gone sooner than later !
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