Mining Boom – Dining Room 7″

MINING BOOM from Perth, Australia sent us over their debut 7″ Dining Room containing two murky tracks of their lo-fi pop. Lately they have been living in Melbourne, just playing and recording material together as a band.

“Craigie” comes wrapped in a warming haze that helps give the track that cloudy complexion. It’s a peculiar sound, combining the crunch of the lead guitars with the swirling backdrops, creating a triumphant, almost anthemic track as the intimidating lyrics definitely paint a picture (“One day I will bash that cunt.”) The effects are heavily at work, with cooing vocals melded into the sparkly background that is suddenly cut short at the end of the track. “PDA” is much less subtle with its gritty jangle, showing off a pulsing pop edge that nearly has some weird post-punk vibes. There’s still an overarching ambient haze that swallows the track whole, leaving the bubbly pop plenty of fuzz to cut through. This backing haze submerges the track for a deep, fully-realized sound, leaving us curious what else we might hear from Mining Boom in the future. Needless to say, it will hopefully be as interesting as this stuff.

Hear both sides of their debut single right below. You can send the band an e-mail if you’re looking to cop a physical copy – they have cassettes and 7-inchers. Do it!

Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Pop, Ambient, Post-Punk
Dining Room 7″: Tracklist:
1.) PDA
2.) Craigie

BUY the 7″/cassette – send Mining Boom and e-mail > miningboomband AT gmail DOT com
DOWNLOAD the tracks from the Mining Boom Soundcloud
Mining Boom on Facebook
Mining Boom on Tumblr

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