Pavement – Stray Slack

Back in September, some very exciting news was announced that many people had been waiting to hear for nearly 10 years. This exciting news was the confirmation that the band PAVEMENT would reunite in 2010 to play their first shows together in over 10 years. Woo! Since the big announcement, they have booked shows all across the globe, in places like Australia and Japan, they are headlining a few (1, 2) different festivals in 2010, and now they have even announced a new “Best-Of” compilation that will simultaneously be released with some of the first shows on the Pavement world tour (March 9th to be exact). Along with the “Best-Of” compilation, which is cleverly titled “Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement”, the record label Matador is holding a contest to see if anybody can correctly guess the track listing for the new compilation. More details on that contest and the compilation right here.

So 2010 is definitely looking to be the year of Pavement…but putting all of this reunion stuff aside for a second…

Today I have an album for you that could be considered a bootleg before anything else. It’s a mostly-live album from Pavement that probably came out sometime back in 1993 before “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” was ever released. This bootleg rules, and the best part is I found it for a $1.00 at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philadelphia. The album contains 22 songs, with most of them being from the “Slanted and Enchanted” days of Pavement, but songs from other earlier releases are found on this bootleg as well. Don’t waste any more time…check it out right here!

While you wait for the album to download, please take a minute to view the new “Band of the Week” feature here at the Styrofoam Drone. Each day of the week, I will add a new song from the said band, so be sure to check back daily!

Stray Slack: Tracklist
1.) Conduit For Sale
2.) Fame Throwa
3.) Home
4.) Perfume – V
5.) Summer Babe
6.) Frontwards
7.) Angel Carver Blues / Mellow Jazz Docent
8.) Two States
9.) No Life Singed Her
10.) So Stark, You’re A Skyscraper
11.) Box Elder
12.) Baby, Yeah
13.) In the Mouth A Desert
14.) Greenlander
15.) Here
16.) Trigger Cut
17.) Black Walls
18.) Texas Never Whispers
19.) Teenage Piss Party
20.) Zurich Is Stained
21.) Kentucky Cocktail
22.) Feed Them to the Lions

Pavement: Official Website
Stray Slack: TRY
Stray Slack: Can’t really find a place to buy this one. Here is an auction for the album on vinyl > BUY

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