Fluorescent Heights – Tidal Motions CS

fluorescent heights tidal motions cs 2013 constellation tatsu

Tidal Motions is right on pace from where FLUORESCENT HEIGHTS (or Henrik Stelzer) left off on his debut LP Tourism from 2011. This is the first of two cassettes from Stelzer so far in 2013.

Tidal Motions comes courtesy of the Constellation Tatsu label in San Luis Obispo, California. The second cassette, Vendetta in Paradise was just released by Sicsic Tapes at the end of January, but we’ll have more on that for you later. Tidal Motions is home to nearly a half-hour worth of brand new material and much like Tourism the tracks are heavy on repetition and glinting with haze. It’s a foamy, crystalline sound, but it’s constantly contradicted by the coarse and grainy lo-fi textures that melt on top. Nonetheless, the beachy, shimmering vibes we heard from before are back in their newest form.

The woozy, glistening waves in “Reaching the Open Ocean” offer a brilliant, aurora-like glow for all seven minutes, creating an endless wash of color as we’re curiously lured further into the murky waters. It could almost go without saying, but the material on this cassette is highly characteristic and also consistent with everything else we’ve heard, once again standing out with its haunting uniqueness. Listen to the entire cassette below and see how you feel – if that’s not enough don’t forget to check out his LP Tourism.

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Ambient, Lo-Fi
Tidal Motions CS: Tracklist:
1.) Day
2.) Blue Island
3.) New Sun
4.) Holiday Mirage
5.) Reaching the Open Ocean

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