Young Adults – Born in ’91 EP

young adults born in 91 ep 2013

Last we heard anything new from YOUNG ADULTS of Allston, MA, they were dropping their debut LP in 2010. Now it’s 2013 and they’re back with their new EP Born in ’91 that was released on Valentines Day.

Lately we’re hearing some new stuff from bands that have been relatively quiet over the past year or two, and Young Adults are next in line. This EP comes almost three years after their debut LP Black Hole. Despite the delay, not much has changed here as Young Adults continue to serve up these raw and invigorating post-punk beatings, paired with their patented, shoegazey guitar haze.

Songs like “Spectre” or “Stasis” recall the sort of punked-up hazings we heard on Black Hole, while s/t track “Born in ’91” has a much tighter, pop-leaning approach despite all of its heavy, metallic guitar noise to cut through. The song features a deep, throbbing bass while the glowing, unrelenting guitars continue to shred everything on top. “College Rock” falls in a similar vein with its fist-in-air chanting and perpetual wall of guitar ferocity, which constantly threatens to knock you right on your ass. That being said, you should listen to this stuff as loud as possible. They wrap up the EP with the destructive “Stasis”, a 3 minute punk blitzer that quickly reminds us of what we’ve been missing while these guys were away.

Take a minute to catch up with Young Adults with the related links below this post. And of course, don’t forget to listen to the EP right below.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Post-Punk, Ambient, Alternative
Born in ’91 EP: Tracklist:
1.) Context
2.) Born in ’91
3.) Spectre
4.) College Rock
5.) Stasis

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