Javelin – Coleridge 7″

The cousinly duo of JAVELIN released two exclusives on Record Store Day, this 7″ being one of them. Coming from the Luaka Bop label, this was their first release since their 2010 full length “No Más.”

By now you should know the story here: these dudes go crate-digging for the oldest and most obscure records they can find, and the end result are the songs found on this 7″, as well as the rest of their ever-growing catalog (most of which you can find in the links at the bottom of this post). Said first by the LA Times, Javelin have an unusual ability to craft songs that evoke the happiest of thoughts, and the A-side on this 7″ is exactly what they’re talking about – much like the opening track “Vibrationz” to their album “No Más.” “Coleridge” is a sun-shining spring time jam about making friends with birds and making sense of bees, with twangin’ guitar and jangly percussion. But in regards to the rest of the Javelin catalog, there’s not much else that sounds like it, and you probably wouldn’t ever expect to hear something like this.

Now switch it up over to the B-side and you’ll probably think it’s two different bands. “Colleagues” sounds nothing like the A-side, but it’s a quick reminder that this is indeed Javelin. Squishy, slimy bass gurgles beneath all the clapping and clanking, eventually filling out into a colorfully computerized dance jam. The best part is it all happens within the blink of an eye and you’d never see it coming. Javelin manage to take the feeling of being ‘overwhelmed’ and turn it into something you’d prefer to immerse yourself in. This just goes to show their dynamic chemistry, and if you haven’t heard anything from “Canyon Candy” yet you should check it out (and buy it before it’s gone).

Coleridge –

Colleagues –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dance, Pop
Coleridge 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Coleridge
2.) Colleagues

BUY the 7″ from eBay or Discogs – yr best options
BUY the “Canyon Candy” 10″ from Insound while you can – a Record Store Day exclusive

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