Man Man w/ Javelin Live in Philadelphia (3/5/10)

Who?: Man Man w/ Javelin and the Skin Cells
Where?: The Trocadero
When?: March 5th, 2010

Hey! So last night I had nothing better to do, so I decided to head on over to the Trocadero to check out Man Man and Javelin. As I’m standing in line to get into the show, the bouncers that are patting everybody down announce that the show has sold out! Oh no!!! I hadn’t bought a ticket for this show in advance either. Instead of just leaving right away, I stuck around near the front door for a few minutes, and as I’m standing there, this guy approaches me. He asked me if I needed a ticket to get into the show. I obviously responded “Yes”, and he handed over a ticket. For free. He just saw this random kid standing by the front door minding own business (me), and he just handed over this extra ticket. I was ecstatic – I probably thanked him 5 times in the thirty seconds we had been talking. So I get back in line, but unfortunately for me the bouncers make me leave behind my camcorder, but I still got to take in my digital camera. With that being said, the videos and photos aren’t up to par with other stuff I’ve posted up here – like the Surfer Blood show or the Fucked Up show.

By the time I had gotten into the show, I had already missed the first band, the Skin Cells. I was okay with that, because that meant the real reason I came to the show – Javelin – was about to perform next. The two cousins from Providence, Rhode Island took the stage and set up their equipment, which didn’t take long considering they only have to set up for two performers. When they got on stage they still had to do their sound check, which was kind of funny considering that is something they should have already done before starting, but oh well. They pulled down a giant curtain behind them which featured one long video on loop, which was full of pictures, colors, words, people playing tennis, and bikers riding on the roofs of houses, amongst many other things. Interesting.

Vibrationz – This track is how I originally stumbled upon Javelin. It’s a dance-y, jumpy, feel-good track that Pitchfork claims is “perfect for summer”. Javelin cousin Thomas van Buskirk can be heard in the video singing “this is a high school dance” while the other cousin George Langford can more or less be seen jamming away on his electronic drum pad. I think before the song actually started Thomas was saying how good of a track it would be to play at a 4th grade dance. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t agree.

Soda Popinski – Another fun Javelin track, this song features a loop that has to be from an old Nintendo or Sega game. Soda Popinski is the name of one of the boxers from the game Punch Out!! on NES, so my guess is that this loop comes from somewhere in this game, but I could easily be wrong. My personal favorite version of this track can be heard off of Javelins first record from Thrill Jockey. You can listen to it right on that page! Yeah but this video isn’t quite perfect. Like I mentioned above, I was forced to use my digital camera for the night. The camcorder would have done a much better job recording, but I figured I would upload it anyway.

So by the time Javelin was finished and packing up their stuff to make way for Man Man, the batteries in my digital camera decided to die. Yet another reason I wish I could have been using my camcorder, but oh well. You can’t win them all. Man Man was cool. It was intriguing to watch a band perform this weird, “circus-esque” style of music. I moved to the back when they came on, but I didn’t stick around for long after that. I was pretty bummed that my batteries had died. I was even more bummed that I wasn’t using my camcorder. Before leaving for good (you know, no re-entry), I went to Javelins merch table for a minute. In talking to Thomas, I mentioned that I had bought their most recent record “2” online from Thrill Jockey, and he hooked me up with a free 7″ by The Very Best. It features a track titled “Julia” on the A-side, and the same track on the B-side, only this time it’s remixed Javelin style. Looking forward to listening to this one. Thanks for reading, and check back soon!

Javelin on Myspace
Javelins latest release “No Más” – BUY!
Man Man on Myspace
The Skin Cells on Myspace
A few more pictures from the show here – SuperGlued

3 thoughts on “Man Man w/ Javelin Live in Philadelphia (3/5/10)

  1. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t stay for the entire Man Man performance! They were ridiculous!

  2. The Skin Cells are the best band ever, it’s a shame you missed them, haha. They’re like, 16 year old kids from the suburbs… do you like the stuff on the myspace?

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