Javelin – 2

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop

Does anybody remember the first post I made about Javelin back in December? Probably not, but the link in the last sentence will bring you to that post. The reason I am asking is because the new material that is mentioned I now have in my possession! It’s simply called “2”, and it’s by the same cousinly duo comprised of Thomas van Buskirk and George Langford that you already know and love. It’s a brand new set of tracks that clocks in at just under 18 minutes, and it’s packed with party jams, dance worthy beats and even a bit of your favorite Snoop Dog song. That’s right.

The first track “Dynamite” kicks off with the squeal of some car breaks and then the beep of a horn before you’re greeted with “Hey everybody! Come on let’s go! We’re gonna show you, things you need to know.” Following that is a funky bass line covered up by all sorts of clanks and pops, with our hosts from the beginning blurting out words and phrases sporadically throughout the track. The next song “Good Morning Minneapolis” gets its point across, evoking a hazy, early summer morning, possibly driving through town with your windows rolled down and the wind blowing through your hair. The last 15 seconds of the track comes out of nowhere when everything stops and it’s quickly broken down into a joyous tune that you would probably overhear a mariachi band playing in a Mexican flea market. Three quarters of the way through the EP, there is a song called “Beyondce” that serves no other purpose than for you to dance along. Not only is it an awesome track name, but it’s faster than the other tracks, and it certainly challenges the listener to get up and move. It actually may be more of a challenge to try and sit still through this track. Seriously. If you have the record try spinning this track at 33rpm rather than the recommended 45rpm. It’s a real treat. The final track “Snoop 2” is a re-made version of an earlier Javelin track called “Snoop” that you could find on their “Jamz n Jemz” CD. It’s a shape-shifting mess of pianos, Egyptian dances, Snoop Dog songs, and jaunty Irish tunes. The last thirty seconds of the song gets rid of everything but the Snoop Dog lyrics, all while it plays over a beautiful sample that I wish I knew the origin of. If anybody knows, please talk to me!

Good Morning Minneapolis –

Beyondce –

2: Tracklist
1.) Dynamite
2.) Good Morning Minneapolis
3.) Beyondce
4.) Snoop 2

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5 thoughts on “Javelin – 2

    1. unfortunately I still haven’t figured it out but I still really want to know. It’s so good! I just put it on again to hear the greatness…if anybody knows the origin, please let us know.

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