Dusty Mush – s/t 12″ EP

dusty mush st ep 2014 howlin banana records

DUSTY MUSH is the newest addition to the line-up at Howlin’ Banana Records. Based in Île-de-France, the trio recorded, mixed and mastered their new 12″ EP full of psych-inflected garage rock.

Howlin’ Banana Records released the EP in a short run of 250 clear vinyl copies, designed with vibrant, custom-made artwork from Druggy Pizza. The record is truly DIY-inspired from front to back, now the only thing left worth mentioning is the menacing, psych-induced rock it’s littered with.

“Space Cat” begins their EP with a gritty crunch, loaded with warbled textures and colorful guitar solos. It’s like garage rock wrapped in tin foil and held under a flame before being launched into space. That said some of these tracks have a gazey, strung-out quality, like you’re being pulled into orbit by some gravitational force (“There Was More Future” and “Tom Pitt’s Acid Trip”). Aside from that, “My Weird Moustache” offers up a bluesy, surf-flavored stomp led by sandblasted guitar textures and cavernous yelps. EP highlight “Brad Cruise” unfolds with a menacing choogle, charging like a runaway train through the night. Gritty blasts of metal-tinged guitars come in waves, blowing the track wide open with a dose of head-splitting fuzz. They stop at nothing in their relentless approach, serving up an LSD-fueled take on garage rock that will raise the hair on the back your neck. Get this EP from Howlin’ Banana now before it’s too late!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Space Rock, Surf Rock
Dusty Mush 12″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Space Cat
2.) Colonel Hobo
3.) My Weird Mustache
4.) There Was More Future
5.) Brad Cruise
6.) Tom Pitt’s Acid Trip
7.) Human Dog
8.) Reversed Eyes
9.) Cowboy Express

BUY the 12″ EP from Howlin’ Banana Records – limited to 250 !
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